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7artisans 25mm F1.8 Lens
Focal length: 25mm
Maximum aperture: F1.8
Minimum aperture: F16
Lens construction: 5 grupos 7elementos
Angle of view: 68°
Aperture blades: 12
Closest focus: 0.18m
Lens Mount: E/EOSM/FX/M43 mount

25mm f1.8          (手机版).jpg

    25mm/F1.8 hasseven-elements five-groupsoptical design. Lens has fast and bright maximumaperture of F1.8 for low-light photography. It is lightweight and compactmulti-purposelens. Mounted on the APS-C sensor size cameras it is covering 37.5mm focallength equivalent widely used in landscapes, portraits, macro, food and so on.The lens exquisite look greatly fits Sony, Fujifilm, Canon and other mirrorlesscameras.

Lens structure



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