Product Detail
7artisans 50mm F1.1 Lens
Focal length: 50mm
Maximum aperture: F1.1
Minimum aperture: F16
Lens construction: 7 elements in 6 groups
Angle of view: 46°
Aperture blades: 12
Closest focus: 0.7m
Lens Mount: leica M

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    M50mm F1.1lens optics contains 7 elements in 6 groups and is based on Sonnar formula. Itincludes two high refraction optical elements of index 1.9 to improve picturequality and lens portability. R&D process involved analysis of fieldcurvature and image astigmatism influence on image and out of focus areas.Numerous corrections and improvements made to receive great image performance.Using lens wide open at F1.1 aperture delivers pleasant bokeh. Stopped to F1.4,it improves sharpness while keeping smooth out-of-focus areas. Repetitivecorrections of spherical and chromatic aberration lead to very well controlledligh spots shape, and good contrast and sharpness in focus area of this largeaperture lens.

Lens structure

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