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7artisans M28mm F1.4
Maximum aperture: F1.4
Minimum aperture: F16
Closest focus: 0.7mm
Lens Mount: Leica M Mount

M28mm f1.4       (手机版).jpg

   M28mm F1.4 lens has advanced opticaldesign and is developed for Full Frame rangefinder cameras. 7Artisans involvedcostly glass to obtain excellent quality. M28mm F1.4 lens formula consists of11 elements in 9 groups including one double-sided aspherical glass, two EDglass, and three High Refractive rare earth glass elements. This lens has takenfull advantage of the material characteristics of each glass unit. It hasimproved optical performance from center to corner resulting to excellent imagequality. 7artisans M28mm F1.4 is a great prime for various environmentalportraits. It collects maximum light and provides ample view for streetphotography or architectural shots. Fast F1.4 aperture allows capturing greatpictures whenever it is evening or indoor dim light conditions.

Lens structure

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